Friday, April 5, 2013

What's in Your Cup?

Americano - real cream, real sugar. Life is good. A coffee shop without a bow-wow is a problem easily solved. A town without a coffee shop is a tragedy!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sad Good-bye

CoffeeCat is very sorry to see Cafe Roche in Winston-Salem closing. I'll miss the cool neighborhood hangout with bow-wows on the patio, and Mr. Espresso is mourning the loss of the Espresso World Tour. Caffe con Leche, R.I.P. I see a coffee road trip in our future - to Sara Hummell's future coffee shop in the Fuquay-Varina area.Winston-Salem Journal story.

CoffeeCat is still reeling from the loss of Brew Nerds, but cheering all the local coffee shops that are thriving. Support your locally owned coffee shops, folks!

Coffee @ work

Coffee Cat loves nothing more than a weekend morning or afternoon at a Triad Coffee Shop. But I also love coffee shop fixes any day of the week, any time of day. Many workers are soooo lucky to have a coffee shop at work! We work hard, so we should indulge in the luxury of a little coffee shop boost any time of the day.

For example, coffee drinkers at the big banks in downtown Winston-Salem don’t have far to go to get a java fix and a break to clear their heads. Kouboura Coffee and the Legendary Goat are in downtown office towers and just a few steps away from some major employers. Those who have it best are the ones who don’t even have to walk outside to get their coffee shop fix. Chelsee’s serves those who work in the Arts District, and Krankie’s is worth the jog down Third or Fourth street.
Staff at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center owe a bit of their success to Java by Jeff’s, a bright, happy oasis for everyone. Where else can you get your locally-owned coffee shop fix next to world-famous scientists and baristas?

Lucky Greensboro workers also have a choice of fixes during the workday. The Green Bean, Dolce Aroma, and the Sweet Shop don’t even require folks to step out into the cold and wind. Or the heat and humidity. Even law students and professors have it good with the opening of Legal Grounds inside the Elon Law School.

Maybe there are more – if you know of a “coffee shop at work,” let Coffee Cat know. Especially if it has a sunny window perch, comfy sofa, or large potted plant suitable for cat naps. Who am I kidding? Any place is a great place for a cat nap, but only locally owned coffee shops are the place to be for the best coffee in the Triad!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy (Belated) Birthday

Mocha Mutt wants to send out a special greeting to Beans Boro in - where else? - Greensboro. The coffeehouse and roastery opened on "Black Friday" 2011, and so this past Black Friday marked the one year anniversary for the shop. Beans Boro boasts its own coffee roaster for its customized blends of coffee beans. Mocha Mutt can even smell the roasting when driving by with the car windows down (as mutts love to do). Special treats are gourmet cupcakes and other baked goods, smoothies, teas, and sandwiches. Local musicians are featured every Saturday night (come early for a good seat!). Congratulations, Beans Boro, and best wishes for many more happy birthdays in the 'boro.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Seen on the Road: Allentown, PA

On the way to see Mr. Espresso's family for the holidays, we stopped in Allentown, PA for an errand. Were we surprised to see this coffee shop! I regret we couldn't stay to have a cuppa Jamaican coffee and get a Caribbean tan. Maybe on the way home . . .

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Good Life

CoffeeCat has grown fat & lazy, as any cat worthy of the name should be! I've been lazy about posting, but that doesn't mean I've slacked off on my coffee shop habit. Mr. Espresso says I need to carve out time to write, as though snoozing in sunbeams and sipping cafe au lait isn't fulfilling enough! So, look for more posts soon - including some new coffee road trips.

And, for the last minute shoppers, remember to Buy Local at your locally owned Triad Coffee Shops!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Coffee Shop Art

Coffee Cat loves coffee shop art! From the coffee-themed art hanging on the walls, to open mic nights and performances of local musicians, you can find it all at locally-owned coffee shops. I’ve blogged before about an oasis in downtown Winston-Salem, and it’s time to blog again about the Community Arts CafĂ©.

Imagine Coffee Cat’s delight when I introduced Mr. Espresso to this gem and he, too, loved it! Songwriter’s Roundtable, Songwriter’s Sound off, a Carousel, comedy improv, and a jazz performance have given us some great nights on the town in Winston-Salem. We can enjoy on-the-verge-of-hitting-the-big-time artists for a tiny cover charge ($5 or $10). To make the deal even sweeter, we can enjoy coffee, wine, or both! And delicious treats like sweet potato quesadillas and chicken salad sandwiches. Did I mention the brownies?

When there’s a performance starting at 7 and you just can’t quite get your work day to end, don’t worry. Just show up at the CAC and enjoy a lite dinner, coffee, desert, wine, and stunning performances all in one room. The Underground Theater is cozy, elegant, and popular! So, be sure to get there on time for a table! Let Jim and Cathy know you appreciate what they’re doing for local artists, and show your support with a bit o’ green in the tip jars!

What is your favorite venue for coffee shop performances? Tell CoffeeCat about it!